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8 Modern Bedroom Design Ideas For Guys

Bedrooms for men have the same functions and roles like bedrooms for women, teens, and children alike. It is a private room should be designed carefully in order to maximize the comfort and tranquility that can be obtained when the owner is presents therein rested in a wide selection of designs and styles. And here are 8 modern bedroom design ideas for guys that we can make as a guide.

(1)    Furniture – we would need a bed that is strong, powerful and has a durability that can be relied upon for guys bedroom – as well as other items such as cabinets and shelves. Choose the design that has the look of a clean, modern, sophisticated, and sleek for each item of furniture.

(2)    Design – make sure we select all the items in a simple design. Prioritizing simplicity in design is an absolute thing we must do for the modern bedroom – especially for modern guys bedroom is definitely not so fond of detail here and there.

(3)    Color – choose neutral colors that tend toward the dark for guys bedroom in order to enhance the masculine appearance of the room. We can apply the color black, brown, or gray on the various decorative elements and combine it with other neutral colors such as white accents to give a little more interesting.

(4)    Artwork – make sure we pay attention to a hobby or favorite before applying specific art on the wall or other places. For the guys bedroom we could choose to implement a variety of things that we like ranging from sports to music. Frame artwork in the same color as the wall and see how the room looks more modern.

(5)    Function – when we have limited space, so we can maximize the function of the bedroom by dividing it into two other rooms such as office area. If that is the case, then make sure we provide clear boundaries for each area so that we will get the feel would be different.modern bedroom designs for guys

(6)    Accessories – we can add some additional accessories items on modern guys bedroom ranging from flat-screen TVs on the walls that we put up a mini refrigerator. Adjust to our taste and needs room availability.

(7)    Lighting – select the type of lighting that suits our needs and atmosphere we want. Some types of lighting that we can apply to the modern guy bedroom include: recessed lighting, wall sconce lighting, and others.

(8)    Curtain – choose a curtain with the materials that are tailored to the level of privacy that we need. If we do not want to interfere with the morning sun, then we can choose to apply a thick curtain of fabric and dark color.

So, ready to change the look of ‘nest’ and make it more comfortable, guys?

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