5 Hardwood Floor Care and Maintenance Tips

Whether you got your hardwood floors installed by empirefloors.com or some other company, you’re going to need to know how to take care of them. Here are five hardwood floor care and maintenance tips.

  1. Be sure to put felt pads on the feet of all your furniture. If you want to avoid big scratches or gouges in your hardwood floors, then it’s important that you put felt pads below all of your furniture. Even if you always plan to carry the furniture when you intend to move it, there’s a good chance that your couches will shift and slide naturally as people lean their weight from side to side. So be sure to get felt pads under everything and check periodically to make sure that they haven’t fallen off.
  2. Try to avoid wearing shoes in the house. If you have nice hardwood floors, you want to keep them clean, and you want to be sure that you’re not dragging in any small pebbles or rocks from the bottoms of your shoes. If you have any sharp pebbles or glass shards wedged into the soles of your shoes, there’s a very good chance that they will do a real number on your floors. So it might be a good idea to try and instill a no shoe policy in the house. Depending on how hard the wood is, high heels could also leave dents and impressions.
  3. Vacuum the floors regularly. When you have carpeted floors, a lot of the dust and dirt falls to the bottom of the carpet and you really won’t feel it. However, when you have hardwood flooring, you feel everything, and it quickly sticks to your feet or your socks. If you don’t want to be walking around with dirty feet all the time, it’s important that you keep your floor vacuumed.
  4. Use a polishing solution regularly on your floors. If you want to keep your floors looking shiny and clean, then it’s important that you polish them from time to time. After you vacuum and/or sweep your floors, you can spray them with hardwood floor polishing solution and then use a microfiber cloth to wipe it dry. You can find all kinds of mops that are specially designed for this job so that you don’t have to get on your hands and knees.
  5. Don’t leave anything wet on the floor. Just like you wouldn’t leave a wet cup on a nice piece of wood furniture without a coaster, you don’t want to leave anything wet on your wood floors. Even if your floors are well sealed, there’s still a possibility that moisture could eventually seep through and leave stains if not wiped up quickly enough. If you have a pet or child who has an accident on a rug that is on top of your hardwood floor, be sure to clean the rug right away, otherwise it could do some serious damage.

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