5 Home Exterior Christmas Light Decorating Tips for Beginners

If you’re a new homeowner, or just new to decorating your home with Christmas lights, you may be feeling very nervous the day after Thanksgiving with the daunting task of lighting your house. Not only do you have the Olsons and the Johnsons to compete with, but you also have to figure out exactly how to make your dream come to life without breaking your neck. If you’ve got kids to please, it may be enough for you to just throw in the towel and try again next year. But don’t worry, this is normal, and you just need a little guidance. Here are five home exterior Christmas light decorating tips for beginners.

  1. Do your research. Doing your homework is probably the most important step in the process, and if you don’t take it seriously you could run into some major problems along the way. Besides looking at pictures online to get inspired, you need to know a lot about the project’s specifications. You need to know the measurements of your house, the kinds of tools and equipment you will need, and how to put it all on timers so that you don’t have to worry about turning them on and off each day.
  2. Estimate your costs. Once you know what you want it all to look like, you need to determine how much it will all cost. You need to factor in the cost of the lights, equipment, tools, electricity, etc. If you only have a certain amount of money you can spend on the entire project and you find out that the lights alone exceed your budget, you’re going to have to go all the way back to the drawing board. So be sure to calculate everything ahead of time.
  3. Go shopping. Once you have a good idea of what you want your house to look like and how much you are willing to spend, you are ready to go shopping. You want to take a look at several different types of lights to figure out what suits your house best. How long do the lights tend to last? Don’t be fooled by a string of lights that’s 50% cheaper than the leading brand if they’re only expected to hold up for a year or two. Be sure to double check the length of all the various strings of lights that you buy to ensure that they will work with your design.
  4. Test your lights. Just because your lights are coming straight out of the box from the store doesn’t mean that each bulb is in working condition. Oftentimes, bulbs will be dead by the time they make it to the house, or the string just needs to be shaken a bit. If you don’t test your lights before you put them up, you could be working very hard to fix dark spots once they’re up on the house.
  5. Get some help. You never want to hang lights all by yourself. Having someone to hold the ladder, pass the staple gun, pull things taut, and look from a distance is essential. If all of this seems too intimidating to you or if your vision is surpassing your skill level, you could always call the experts. Not only will WowLights Productions make your house a visual spectacle, they’ll synchronize music with your display to give you that extra edge with the rest of your neighbors!

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