5 Cozy Ways to Decorate Your Home for Fall

There is nothing quite like the feeling of fall coming in. It’s a sign that the seasons have changed and the colder months are ahead of us. For some of us, this is a dreaded warning sign, but for others, it’s a sign to get the house nice and cozy and ready for hibernation. The only way to brave the storm is to make your home the place you want to be all of the time. If your home is a place of asylum during those fall and winter months, you’re bound to have a lot more fun. So here are five cozy ways to decorate your home this fall.

  1. Stow the firewood. Having an open fireplace or stove is a symbol of the cozy house, but firewood can make a big mess in the house if it’s not stored in the proper fashion. Be sure that you have a stowaway nook beside the fireplace to store your firewood. This should be separate from the larger load of firewood, which should be kept outside on the front porch. Get yourself a vintage looking brass handled dustpan and brush to keep on top of the wood splinters.
  2. Dial in your entryway. When the wet months really set in, the mud starts to make a mess, particularly in your entryway. It’s of utmost importance that some organization and storage be provided in this little area of the house. Ensuring there is a place to store your shoes and boots is a must. You also should provide adequate coat racks for all of those heavy winter coats. You’re going to want to get yourself a nice old bench so that you can sit down to take off those big old boots too. You might want to check out the Stash Home online store to get some ideas.
  3. Fall color scheme. A great way to compliment the colors of the fall leaves is to match them in your home. So get yourself some orange, brown, red and green colored cushions and blankets to drape over your couch or your tables. This will bring a bit of the outdoors indoors, without dragging in the mess and the mud.
  4. Get into the Halloween spirit. Halloween comes but once a year, and there is no better way to get into the spirit of things than by home decorating in a spooky style. So head to your local pumpkin patch and get the biggest and best pumpkins money can buy. An autumn wreath is a nice touch for your front door, while all those additional Halloween decorations like skeletons, cobwebs made of cotton wool, and broomsticks and witches will get everybody into the Halloween mood. Be sure to involve the whole family when decorating the place, as it’s a great night in on those cold winter evenings.
  5. Burn candles and incense. With all that time being spent indoors, you’re going to want to get the ambience just right. Sometimes lights and lamps just don’t do the trick, so be sure to stock up on candles, as they can add to the winter atmosphere unlike anything else. Burning incense is a great way to keep things smelling great during those hibernation months. Sandalwood and cedar are great wintery options that are reminiscent of mulled wine and Christmas Eve.

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