5 Ways to Keep Your House Cool in Summer

For some people, the hot summer months can be a frustrating time. We all get overwhelmed by the heat and humidity from time to time and some homes are better insulated than others. There are a huge number of factors that contribute to how your house manages the heat or the cold. Some of them are literally set in stone, while others can be subtly changed. Some could set you back a hefty sum, while some are quite affordable and easy to apply. Here are 5 effective ways to keep your house cool during those steamy summer months.

  1. Implement technology. Obviously, there are a number of ways with modern technology, that we can make significant changes to the air temperature in our homes. Reverse cycle air conditioning units are extremely effective but expensive, while ceiling fans are more energy efficient but less effective. Consider the costs involved to install the various types of fans and air conditioning units as they can vary quite significantly.
  2. Be energy smart. There are a number of ways to cool your home without using energy. During the day, try to close up the windows and doors, and keep all the curtains and blinds closed. This is easy if you’re away at work for the day, less so if you’re indoors, as nobody wants to lead a completely vampiric existence. However, this is an extremely effective measure to take when insulating the home. Be sure to open up all the windows in the evening to let the cool air in. Planting trees around the home to create more shade is a great natural way to cool the home too.
  3. Consider architectural louvers. A fantastic way to insulate your home during those sticky summer months is by using architectural louvers. They cool down your home dramatically by providing shade when needed. They are a great alternative to roller shutters and they are far more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They are also a more affordable alternative to air conditioning.
  4. A/C Tips. If you have air conditioning and are looking at ways to improve it’s efficiency, then you might want to consider the following ideas: applying shade to the A/C unit on the roof or out your window, regularly cleaning out the A/C filter, turning your A/C unit off when you leave home for more than a hour, and buying an air conditioning unit that is the right size for your home. As a matter of fact, most homes have A/C units that are far too big.
  5. BBQ outside. Your kitchen actually produces almost all of the heat in your home, so be sure to enjoy the summer months, as the sun goes done and as they evening gets balmy, and cook outside on the griller or barbecue. This will significantly decrease the heat that is stored in the kitchen tiles and walls and will help to cool your house overall. It’s also just a great way to enjoy the cool breeze of those summer nights.

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