How to Choose Wall and Floor Tiles for Your Kitchen

When it comes down to it, your kitchen will most likely need an update every five to ten years. Around this time is when your appliances, tiles and other details can start to look a little outdated. Ten years ago, the popular look was muted – light colors like beige, light brown and white ruled; this look extended all the way to the appliances that populated the kitchen. These days, though, a more modern look is in – stainless steel, glass tiles and more. When it comes to choosing wall and floor tiles for your kitchen, you want to think about how to give your kitchen space a more modern look and feel. Indeed, looking for wall and floor tiles can be a challenge, but if you keep a number of considerations in mind, it will be a lot easier. Here is how to choose wall and floor tiles for your kitchen.

  1. Match the floor and wall tiles to the aesthetic in your home – you want to make sure that your floors and walls don’t clash. If the colors and style clash too hard, your kitchen won’t look as aesthetically pleasing. Indeed, if you have a classic style home – with Tuscan or Mediterranean details – you want to find tiles that match that aesthetic balance.
  2. Make sure to consider the price – if you have a budget in mind, you want to purchase tiles that are within your price range. The truth of the matter is you don’t want to spend too much money if you are trying to pinch a few pennies. Indeed, some tiles can be quite expensive if you aren’t careful – this is especially the case with handmade tiles made from delicate and rare materials. It is also the case with imported tiles.
  3. Choose different tiles for your kitchen backsplash – your kitchen can start to look like it is too “matchy” if you go for one look. When you visit a tile retailer like Tiles Direct, you want to take a look at different tiles for your backlash and your kitchen floor.
  4. Consider the material – indeed, the material of your tiles will determine a lot of things. For instance, some tiles may have too much of a sheen that clashes with your home – if that is the case, you probably want to go with something matte. To help this process, you may want to bring some test tiles home to see what they look like in your actual kitchen.

Measure your kitchen – you want to make sure that your tiles match the size of your kitchen. For instance, if you have a large kitchen, you may want to choose bigger tiles – this is important for the sake of making installation easier and for the sake of making sure that your tiles don’t look too small against the expanse of the kitchen. The same goes if you have a small kitchen – you don’t want large tiles to look like they are taking over. In the end, this is why measuring tape will be an important guide when you are tiling your kitchen.

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