Decorative Glass Door Buying Basics for Homeowners

The front door to your home is important in a number of ways. For one thing, it can add to or detract from your curb appeal. The right front door will contribute to the beauty of your home and provide an inviting entrance for family members, friends, and other guests. However, your door needs to be functional as well as attractive. It needs to keep the elements out, including hot and cold weather, and it must protect the security of your home and your family against potential threats like home invasion robberies, just for example. So when you decide to purchase a decorative glass door for your home, there are several concerns you’ll want to address first. Here are a few decorative glass door buying basics that every homeowner should be aware of.

The first and most important consideration for most homeowners is safety, and you might be understandably concerned about breaking the glass in your door or suffering break-ins. If you or a family member slams the door too hard, for example, could the glass break? What if it is hit by debris like a flying tree branch during a storm? For the most part, decorative glass doors are designed to be nearly as durable as a solid wood door. Yes, the glass could be broken in extreme circumstances. But daily use is very unlikely to damage your door.

As for the possibility of break-ins, keep in mind that a determined criminal could find plenty of ways to enter your home, say through the back door or other windows. And you can opt for resilient glass that is resistant to damage if you so choose. Or you can select a door that features windows that are too small to enter through and too high up to easily reach and unlatch door locks on the inside.

Another common issue is privacy, and you might worry about solicitors, strangers, or other undesirables coming to your door and spotting you inside the house. There are a couple of ways to combat this possibility and still enjoy the additional illumination that a decorative glass door can provide. You could add a sheer curtain or shade to a larger window for the sake of privacy. Or you might install glass that is translucent, such as colored or frosted glass or a stained glass window. You could even purchase a custom designed piece of glass like those offered by Imaging Sciences in order to enjoy privacy, illumination, and a veritable piece of art in your front door.

Of course, cost is also a consideration, so you’ll want to shop around and consider all of your options before buying decorative glass for your front door. And don’t forget about installation. You’ll definitely want to hire professionals to handle this for you since a door that is improperly hung can cause problems with insulation, along with security concerns. It will cost a bit more to have somebody hang the front door for you, and you may even have to spring for a new door frame in the process. But the end result will be a decorative glass door that is beautiful, functional, and conducive to maintaining the safety of your home.

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