How to Choose the Right Bathroom Floor Tile

Is your bathroom looking a little worse for wear? Does it need an upgrade? When it comes down to it, there are a lot of simple renovations that will transform your bathroom and boost your property value. One of those renovations is laying new floor tile in the bathroom. Indeed, if you have old, outdated, broken and faded floor tile, it is definitely time for an upgrade. Before you add new bathroom tile, you want to make a number of important considerations. Not only do you want to find tile that matches the aesthetic of your home and bathroom – you also want to find tile that matches your budget. Indeed, tiling your bathroom can be expensive if you aren’t careful. Here is how to choose the right bathroom floor tile.

  1. Make sure that it fits the aesthetic of your home – if you have a Spanish Revival style home, you want to go for old Spanish or Latin tiles. If you have a modern home, you want tiles that reflect this modern look and feel. If you go for tile that doesn’t match, your bathroom won’t look aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Make sure that your tiles fit your budget – if you have a set budget in mind, you will need to work within a certain price range. If you visit Garden State Tile, you will see that there are a lot of different tiles with varying price ranges. Of course, the material of the tile will usually determine the cost. For instance, some vintage porcelain tiles can be pricey – mostly because the materials used to make the tile are more rare.
  3. Make sure that you purchase the right sized tile – if you have a smaller bathroom, you may want to purchase tiles that are a little smaller. When it comes down to it, the tiles should be a reflection of the amount of square footage in the bathroom. On the other side of the coin, if you have a big bathroom and you lay down small tile, it may look completely off. It is important to measure carefully before you choose your tile. In some cases, you may want to cut the tile to size.
  4. Make sure that your tiles are durable – you are choosing tile for your bathroom floor, so you want the tile to be able to withstand a lot of activity. This is especially important if the bathroom gets a lot of traffic. Indeed, tile can easily become scuffed or cracked. If the bathroom you are tiling is on the ground floor, you may want to find a tile that is a little thicker.
  5. Make sure that you test the tile before you lay the tile – you can simply lay the tile on the floor to make sure it matches. You don’t want to lay the tile and apply the grout and realize that is doesn’t fit or match. In the end, the tile you apply will be semi-permanent, so you don’t want to wind up wasting more time and money by applying tile that doesn’t fit or look good.

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