bathroom tile design patterns

8 Ways How to Repair Cracked Tiles

Know the process and be patient! – When we found cracked tiles in your house, then we can make improvements on the tile. Tiles are one of the types of flooring that we can choose as there are many types of designs, patterns, styles, colors, and sizes that we can get. In addition, the price is affordable and reliable durability makes it as the choice of many homeowners.

Here are 8 ways how to repair cracked tiles that we can use as a guide when our home tiles have cracks.

  • First, we will need some equipment and supplies ranging from tile replacement, grout and mixing container, drill, safety glasses, work gloves, and various other supplies.
  • Second, prepare all the equipment and start a project to fix the tile with check the area of ​​the house and see how many improvements that we have to do. After that, make sure we have a tile replacement in sufficient quantities so no need to make us go to the hardware store to buy.
  • Third, Perform installation by using a drill to make a hole diagonally across the tiles cracked. Make sure we are wearing protective goggles and work gloves so we stay safe while doing the job.
  • Fourth, attach the tiles broken using chisel and tap gently with a hammer to break the tile into several pieces. Make sure we do it gently so as not to damage the tiles are next to it.bathroom tile design patterns
  • Fifth, remove the pieces of tile fragments by using a flat bar carefully and make sure all the pieces apart and clean surfaces including old grout that available around the tile.
  • Sixth, use a vacuum cleaner to clean all the dust and debris that existed prior to implementing the new tile adhesive.
  • Seventh, apply a thin layer of floor tile set to about 1/4 inch and make sure all the areas covered perfectly. Press the new tiles to the floor, turn back and forth a little when pressed tiles and make sure there is space around the tiles from all sides. When the position has been set, gently press the tile using a rubber mallet to have the same height level with the other tiles.
  • Eighth, make sure we do not walk on the newly installed tile, leave overnight to let the tile settled. After that, mix the grout with a predetermined level and apply grout on the tiles. When finished, wipe the residual grout with a damp sponge, and the process was completed.

Make sure we do the work patiently and gently so as not to damage other tiles.

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