simple ceiling designs for residence

8 Smart Ceiling Remodeling Ideas

Make your ceiling look great with – If we want to make the appearance of the house becomes more attractive, then one of the ways we can do is to make changes to the ceiling.

Here are 8 smart ceiling remodeling ideas that we can apply.

  • First, apply reframing to create the impression of a higher ceiling – this is not an expensive project due to the reframing we can recycle a variety of materials including beams on the ceiling. We can apply varnish involving ceiling beams on the ceiling in order to create a newer look.
  • Secondly, applying the groove paneled ceiling – there are different types of kits that can be used to achieve this look. We can choose to apply a wood kit that will give a more natural look at the ceiling. No need to use expensive precious wood, just use cheap wood such as pine and do the installation yourself, we can bring the ceiling look more charming.
  • Third, applying a unique display using pulp molding – this is one of the remodeling ideas that will make us spend quite a lot of costs. However, with a unique and attractive appearance that we can get, the price is expensive will feel comparable.
  • Fourth, add a block of wood – this is one of the ceiling remodeling ideas that will make an impression and a more in-depth and fascinating look at the ceiling. Make sure we have a ceiling high enough because if the ceiling is low, then it will overwhelm the room and it was not good.simple ceiling designs for residence
  • Fifth, create a more attractive look by using tin ceiling – this is one item that is made ​​of tin with a variety of square pieces that we can attach to the ceiling in order to create a ceiling look more elegant. There are many design options that we can get from the simple to the complex.
  • Sixth, make a simple change to the ceiling – the simple changes we can do to make painting the ceiling a lighter color than the walls so the room will look brighter and wider.
  • Seventh, apply crown molding on the wall – this is one way that we can do in order to create a dazzling display on the ceiling. With crown molding on the wall, it will create a frame effect around the ceiling and was able to give a higher appearance on the ceilings.
  • Eighth, apply a drop ceiling – this is one type of ceiling options that would be suitable to be applied in a modern apartment or house. We will get a ceiling lower so as to add an elegant atmosphere, modern, and comfortable. Moreover, when coupled with the right light settings.

Ready to make some improvement to your ceiling, everyone?

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