How To Build Backyard Aquaponics Greenhouse System Design

8 Ways How To Build Backyard Aquaponics Greenhouse

Expand your knowledge before start the project – If we intend to apply the backyard aquaponics, the following system is recommended by the experts is the right thing to do. Here are 8 ways how to build backyard aquaponics greenhouse that we can use as a guide.

  • First, we must understand the concept of backyard aquaponics before deciding to implement the project. Keep in mind that this is a project that will make us perform better planting various types of plants fruits, vegetables, and others, and also perform a number of fish in the pond maintenance.
  • Secondly, because we are going to develop a hydroponic system, then make sure we choose the right system for backyard aquaponics greenhouse before starting in order to achieve success. Usually the most widely used system is to apply multiple streams: a constant and ebb and flow. If we want to filter the water in the pond fish more efficiently, then we can use a constant flow. If we want to generate growth and maximum production, then we can choose to use the ebb and flow system.
  • Third, choose the right fish – we can choose the value of fish, trout, or carp as the best choice for inclusion into the backyard aquaponics greenhouse. The fish will grow and multiply rapidly so that will make us able to quickly enjoy it. If we do not plan to eat fish in the pond, then select the ornamental fish such as koi and others.
  • Fourth, pay attention to the temperature of the tank pool – it is important we do so the fish can breed in it and grow up. Make sure we heat up the tank and get the ideal temperature. We can also apply a fish that grows in the cold pool thus saving more energy is generated.How To Build Backyard Aquaponics Greenhouse System Design
  • Fifth, monitoring ecosystem – make sure we do a careful monitoring in order to get satisfactory results of aquaponics, including monitoring temperature, electrical conductivity, and pH.
  • Sixth, the preparation and manufacturing process – prepare gravel that had been washed of dust, place in the bottom of a fish tank, make a drill hole in the bottom of the grow bed that will help drain the water from the fish tank to the grow bed, place one end of the water pump in the tank, do grow bed arrangement at the top of the tank, feed tubing from the water pump through the hole in the grow bed, cut the excess part of the tub and fold over ends, and fasten the ends using electrical tape.
  • Seventh, apply the growing medium and add oxygenates water – fills grow bed using a growing medium until just below the top of the tub, make a hole in the tube is coiled in a grow bed, closed circular tube with a growing medium. Fill the fish tank with water, plug the air pump and air stone by using the connector, put the air stone in the tank, and plug in the air pump.
  • Eighth, the last steps – do check the pH of the water, make sure the pH reached idea, let the tank for 24 hours, add the fish, add the plants, and keep the system running.

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