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8 Troubleshooting And Avoiding Common Foundation Problems

Make it strong! – Protect our home from foundation problems are things we must do in order to maintain stability and property values ​​that we have.

Here are 8 troubleshooting foundation and avoiding common problems that we need to learn in order to get a solid foundation and strong always.

  • First is humidity – this is one of the common problems that we would find on the foundation of a building. When strong foundation ‘beaten’ by a continuous rain, wind, and sunlight, then over time will decrease the quality and becomes moist. When moist within a reasonable portion, then it does not matter. However, if beyond reasonable, then we need to monitor the soil around the house, check the soil moisture after heavy rains, and pay attention to drainage.
  • Second are too dry – yeah, if too much moisture is not good for the ‘health’ of the foundation, it is too dry is not good for the foundation. Conditions are too dry can make the shift so that the basic foundation of the house was going to move into a home that could cause collapse. Notice the ground around the foundation – is dry and cracked during hot weather. If yes, then spray water on a regular basis to add moisture.
  • Third is the leak – leak is usually due to the sealing is not done correctly and appropriately so that water can pass through the concrete. For that, make sure we do the seal on the foundation using a waterproof material. Clean gutters regularly so that water can flow smoothly and not get stuck in one place.
  • Fourth is the cracks – cracks in the foundation arise because weather factor. For that we have to make sure to always monitor the soil around the foundation and making sure everything runs smoothly, including wetting the soil when conditions are very dry and prone to crack.home foundation problems repair
  • Fifth is sinking – many old houses that had this problem which became the foundation sank in particular into. To fix this, we will need professional help because of the difficulty for the work is quite high.
  • Sixth is slanted – slanted foundation can make the home become vulnerable to collapse and this will be something that is very dangerous for the safety of the occupants. Identify the problem before it becomes more severe with check out the view of the building structure regularly so if there are problems found can directly overcome.
  • The seventh is a cold climate – cold temperatures are a problem for the foundation because it can make the strength of the foundation is reduced. For that, try to test to test the strength of the concrete foundation that does not cause anxiety in us when we are inside the building.
  • The eight is poor compaction of fill soils – this is one of the common problems on the foundation that usually occurs in densely populated area where the soil is difficult to get qualified as a filler foundation. As a result, there are many who use the soil that is too wet or dry on the foundation that resulted in heavy compression on the bottom of the building.

Great information to expand your knowledge, right?

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