Green Roof Systems

4 Advantages And 4 Disadvantages Of Green Roof Systems

Get to know more about it! – When we talk about green roof systems, then we will talk about the effects resulting from the application of this system – advantages and disadvantages. Here are 4 advantages and 4 disadvantages of green roof systems we need to know before deciding to apply them to our homes.

(1)      Advantages

  • Creating energy efficiency – if we want to compare the modern green roof with a roof, then we will find the fact that modern roof takes a lot of energy to moderate the current temperature in the summer and during winter. While the green roof offers greater protection and reduce the amount of energy required. In essence, using a green roof will make us more energy efficient.
  • Keeping the air fresh – existing plants in the green roof will absorb carbon dioxide in quantities large enough and this means it will be very good for the air around will be lost because of pollutants from the air. In addition, the green roof, the air around will become cooler.
  • Being a natural habitat for many species of birds and insects – this would be a fun place because we could hear the sounds of birds and insects who shouted in the morning which will certainly add to the impression of a natural and calming for us.
  • Increase the aesthetic value of a building – by applying green roofs then we have enhanced the aesthetic value of the home when compared to other buildings that do not apply the green roof. In addition, the green roof will help create a natural atmosphere around the environment, helps reduce stress, maintain physical health, and able to function as a community garden.Green Roof Systems

(2)      Disadvantages

  • Structural limitations – many buildings with green roof systems can withstand the additional weight on the roof though have implemented a system that is considered have a light weight.
  • Installation and maintenance costs are high – by implementing green roof system, then we will be faced with the cost of installation and maintenance are not cheap, even two times more expensive when compared with applying conventional roof. This type of roof assembly is also quite complex.
  • Susceptible to damage and leakage – apparently, despite applying green roof root barrier layer, but in fact many plant roots can penetrate the waterproof membrane and causing leaks in the roof, which in turn causes structural damage to the building. We can get rid of the leak to conduct an annual inspection, but there will be a charge for us to fix the leak and the damage caused, is not it?
  • The limited number of plants – yup, because the area is relatively small and we should not carelessly add plants such as when planted directly in the ground, then the number of plants that we can apply is limited. In addition, many people who found the plant becomes less fertile and easily wilt.

Knowing information above make you get some enlightenments, don’t you?

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