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8 Plantation Shutters Options For Sliding Glass Doors

Make it look attractive – When we talk about plantation shutters, then we will talk about a very nice addition to make the look a sliding glass door becomes more attractive. Basically, plantation shutters are used not only limited to the window, we can apply it to all kinds of doors including sliding glass door. If we intend to apply plantation shutters, then here are 8 options plantation shutters for sliding glass doors which can be used as a reference.

(1)    Vertical blinds – we can use vertical blinds to be applied as a plantation shutter on sliding glass door with a much cheaper price with materials consisting of PVC and aluminum louvers for the head rail. In addition to fairly economical, durability of vertical blinds can also be relied upon, and of course the cost of the replacement will be much cheaper.

(2)    Track faux wood shutter – this is the option that will create a plantation shutter for sliding glass door look more attractive. With the slider, we could easily operate it along with the sliding glass door.

(3)    Cartwright wood shutters – this is a shutter which comes in a choice of accordion fold that can be folded and turned out to 180 degrees. There are several options that we can get the panel in order to achieve the look we want.

(4)    Hardwood plantation shutters – made ​​of wood makes offers classic and chic look. We can also get a wide choice of frames, finish, and color in accordance with what we want.

(5)    Thermalite plantation shutters – by using this type of shutter, then we will get a guaranteed satisfaction from not easy to crack, not easy to peel, energy efficient, and able to warm the house in winter and to provide a sense of cool during the summer.

(6)    Metal shutters – this is one of the choice of the type of material that will blend well with the interiors, adding a touch of style, and add a security element to the room

(7)    Solid polyvinyl shutters – this is one type of material that will give the wood-like appearance when applied so that we will get a plantation shutter that seems natural.

(8)    Composite material – this is one type of material that will give the look that is not less interesting with other materials. Unfortunately, although priced at a cheap price, the level of robustness and durability cannot be compared to wood.

So, which one do you want to apply to give great appearance for your sliding glass door?

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